I don't understand how Incoming Port works

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I don't understand how Incoming Port works

Postby sexywinnie » Tue Oct 06, 2020 8:27 am

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all good and well

I have port 51499 open and when I use the site canyouseeme.org the sites sees the port as open/active when using qBitorrent
However when I configure Deluge to use port 51499 canyouseeme.org does not see it open/active
I tried hundreds of ports and none of them show open/active when using Deluge.
In addition I don't understand what Test Active Port does since it seems to always give me an active port number x all the time
If I tried to open the port that Active Port indicates to be active I am still unable to set up Deluge with an open port
It cannot be the firewall since everything works perfectly when using qBittorent with port 51499 which should also work for Deluge.
I am lost for words as I don't understand why Active Port changes each time I close and relaunch Deluge...

Any advice please as othewise I will go back to qBitorrent that works perfectly on port 51499

Many thanks and kind regards


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Re: I don't understand how Incoming Port works

Postby mhertz » Tue Oct 06, 2020 8:54 am

If the test button show other port working, then you seemingly haven't configured the port corectly(unless already taken, but then canyouseeme wouldn't state 'closed'. Untick random port and select same port(51499) in both fields. As test button works, but just showing other port, then you must have said yes to initial prompts about if wanting to add exclusions for deluge to firewall, if enabled, so cannot be that. Upnp works in deluge seemingly also, since test button always works. These reasons make it strongly look like a misconfiguration, so please check your configuration.

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Re: I don't understand how Incoming Port works

Postby shamael » Tue Oct 06, 2020 3:05 pm

some additional info, very generic but it gives the picture:
- fixed IP: configure the computer running Deluge with a fixed IP (or DHCP reservation). See next sections for the why

- UPNP: avoid using it and disable it if possible, security reason. Google will tell you why. If used and your APP+firewall are compatible it should do the magic and open the needed ports. If it fails no one will tell you and you will still reboot/restart stuffs crossing the fingers

- outgoing ports: most firewall (including the one in the ISP router) do not limit connections made to external IPs. From your computer you can touch any outside port, including on Internet. Consequence: you can leave it random

- incoming: the touchy one. Configure a range of ports, example 51490-51499. Only one will be used by Deluge process, selected at daemon startup. Why the range? Well if the port 51490 is in use Deluge will simply take the next one. Then you need to configure on your router the PORT FORWARDING. The name can vary but in a nutshell you have to fulfil the port range and local IP to use. In full words "all communications on the selected ports are forward to the local IP selected" which is your Deluge's computer.

- Deluge computer firewall: if the Deluge computer has a local firewall it should accepts this range of ports. Restart Deluge daemon after a port change. The netstat command will tell you the truth. Something like "sudo netstat -plant" will show you under Linux

In human words:
- you need to tell your router what to do if a packet arrives from the Internet on the port range. Otherwise it will drop it
- the doors need to be opened on each step
- A process need to be configured to hande packets coming on these ports on the server (Deluge)

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