Strange performance warnings

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Strange performance warnings

Postby parecki » Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:54 pm

Hi guys,

Since I upgraded my DSM OS to the latest version 6.2.3-.25426 Update 2 I have had some issues with 1.3.15 deluge.
First of all, I have noticed that trackers have reported that my client is not connected (deluge 1.3.15) So I upgraded deluge to 2.0.3 version. But nothing has changed.
After my research, I found a log file: deluge.log. There are many messages like this: on_alert_performance: ***: performance warning: too few ports allowed for outgoing connections, too_few_outgoing_ports.
But today I noticed another one: on_alert_performance: ***: performance warning: upload limit too low (download rate will suffer), upload_limit_too_low and few torrent are uploaded.
All these messages are strange because for many years I have used only one forwarded port and everything was fine. Moreover I don't use any upload limits.
And the last problem I have, is that I can't stop deluge daemon from web-ui (An error occurred).


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