suddenly Deluge works only with Python3 and is extremely slow - A very interesting problem!!

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suddenly Deluge works only with Python3 and is extremely slow - A very interesting problem!!

Postby DelugeFan » Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:18 am


I have been using Deluge 2.0.3 (with python 2.7.x) on Debian 10 for about a year which was working awesome!!
My Server also has rtorrent/rutorrent as well which is also working fine.

All of a sudden, after a recent server reboot, Deluge wouldn't start, throws "deluged error "ImportError: No module named libtorrent". I think (not sure) there must have been upgrades to rtorrent/libtorrent etc. which came into effect after reboot causing Deluge not to work.

However I was able to fix the problem by usinig Python3 instead of Python2 and able to start Deluge and is working now BUT with extremely slow downloads & uploads. I used to get 120MB/s upload speed (it's 1Gbit Dedi) and now I am getting max of 5 MB/s even with me being the lone seeder with dozens of leechers.

I'm almost certain that it's because of Python3 (as thats the only change) Deluge behaving extremely slow. So I tried Deluge 1.3.5 and 2.0.4 (dev) as well but all 3 versions are able to start with Python3 only. None of them working with Python2. So I verified installed libtorrents and they are -

libtorrent-rakshasa/now 0.13.6 amd64 [installed,local]
libtorrent-rasterbar9/stable,stable,now 1.1.11-2 amd64 [installed,automatic]
python3-libtorrent/stable,stable,now 1.1.11-2 amd64 [installed]
rtorrent/now 0.9.6 amd64 [installed,upgradable to: 0.9.7-1]

Now, I'm OK to move to any Deluge version 1.3.5 or above but need my speed back please but without breaking rtorrent/rutorrent setup.
I'm not expert on these matters but somehow think if we perhaps could install previous version of libtorrent for python2 to work (dont know hot to do that) so that I can use Deluge with python2.

Please advise, Many thanks!!

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