WebRTC support.....

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WebRTC support.....

Postby 4evermaat » Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:41 am

I was trying to google and search your website specifically and I could not find anything about support for the WebRTC protocol (WebTorrent). Can someone please advise on this?


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Re: WebRTC support.....

Postby mhertz » Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:37 am

I don't know anything about WebTorrent/WebRTC, but I checked and see that a PR adding webtorrent/webtrc support to libtorrent(-rasterbar from Arvid Norberg, and not the LibTorrent from rakshasa used with rtorrent), the bittorrent backend deluge utilizes, was merged into RC_1_2 branch(master) only 6 days ago: https://github.com/arvidn/libtorrent/pull/4123

As said, I don't know anything honestly about this, other than a very quick google search to get the essence of it, plus libtorrent search, so I cannot say if it will work automatically or not in deluge(with updated libtorrent including said PR), i.e. if pasting in such a webtorrent works, and if it allows ws tracker addresses etc(I mean, it possible sees those as invalid and blocks, but don't know specifically), but you could test it out. Also, you may need to enable it at compile/build time in libtorrent so check that also, of-course. You possible can use client_test example client from libtorrent to test it out(built from examples dir, if building yourself).

Also, there's several other implementaions already I read, outside of deluge, on github and whatnot, both CLI clients, e.g. embedding a chromium window in background, and GUIs too, also vuze torrent client supports it through plugin, just in case added for if you didn't know and sorry if did already.

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