Kernel 5.7.x: Torrent id not in torrents loading list -- Torrents never start after being added

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Kernel 5.7.x: Torrent id not in torrents loading list -- Torrents never start after being added

Postby wingnut » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:28 pm

Arch Linux, x86_64, this log came from kernel 5.7.6
Deluge works great in kernel 5.6.15

I have run into issues with all 5.7.x kernels I have tried. If I go into the /srv/deluge/.config/deluge directory and get rid of the various state files, I can get currently stalled torrents to start, but this only works on the ones that are already added. New torrents load and never start.

From the Deluge-WebUI, the status of the stalled torrents says that Deluge can't reach the tracker. I can't recall the exact words. If you need that I'll get the message for you.

I added a magnet from Firefox using the Xirvik extension and it worked fine. The other torrents were added by Sonarr.

Perhaps this has something to do with a Python library and kernel 5.7.x. Is there somewhere else I could look for logged errors?

I don't have Arch Linux installed anywhere else on an x86_64 machine; the other Arch installs have older versions. I might be able to test this in a Fedora installation.

The pertinent error seems to be "Torrent id not in torrents loading list:" but of course I may be mistaken.

Thanks for listening. Any help is appreciated.

Code: Select all

10:00:28.681 [INFO    ][deluge.core.daemon            :94  ] Deluge daemon 2.0.4.dev38
10:00:28.709 [INFO    ][deluge.core.core              :339 ] Successfully loaded session.state: /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/session.state
10:00:28.717 [INFO    ][deluge.core.core              :339 ] Successfully loaded session.state: /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/session.state.bak
10:00:28.719 [INFO    ][deluge.core.alertmanager      :148 ] Alert Queue Size set to 10000
10:00:28.788 [INFO    ][deluge.core.rpcserver         :402 ] Starting DelugeRPC server :58846
10:00:28.797 [INFO    ][twisted                       :154 ] Factory (TLS) starting on 58846
10:00:28.797 [INFO    ][twisted                       :154 ] Starting factory <twisted.internet.protocol.Factory object at 0x7fbc0b4fe8b0>
10:00:28.799 [INFO    ][deluge.core.daemon            :154 ] Deluge daemon starting...
10:00:28.807 [WARNING ][deluge.pluginmanagerbase      :132 ] Cannot enable non-existant plugin CopyMagnetURI
10:00:28.961 [WARNING ][deluge.config                 :405 ] Unable to open config file /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/web_plugin.conf: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/srv/deluge/.config/deluge/web_plugin.conf'
10:00:28.962 [INFO    ][deluge.pluginmanagerbase      :189 ] Plugin WebUi enabled...
10:00:28.962 [WARNING ][deluge.pluginmanagerbase      :132 ] Cannot enable non-existant plugin WebAPI
10:00:28.976 [INFO    ][deluge_label.core             :78  ] *** Start Label plugin ***
10:00:28.977 [INFO    ][deluge.pluginmanagerbase      :189 ] Plugin Label enabled...
10:00:28.978 [INFO    ][deluge.core.authmanager       :228 ] Opening auth for load: /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/auth
10:00:28.978 [INFO    ][deluge.core.authmanager       :236 ] Successfully loaded auth: /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/auth
10:00:28.979 [INFO    ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :806 ] Loading torrent state: /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/state/torrents.state
10:00:28.979 [INFO    ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :822 ] Successfully loaded /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/state/torrents.state
10:00:28.979 [INFO    ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :1069] Opening torrents.fastresume for load: /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/state/torrents.fastresume
10:00:28.980 [INFO    ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :1080] Successfully loaded torrents.fastresume: /srv/deluge/.config/deluge/state/torrents.fastresume
10:00:28.980 [INFO    ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :885 ] Finished loading 0 torrents in 0:00:00.001731
10:00:32.256 [INFO    ][deluge.core.rpcserver         :171 ] Deluge Client connection made from:
10:02:13.638 [INFO    ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :668 ] Torrent something.mkv from user "localclient" added
10:02:13.646 [WARNING ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :1258] Torrent id not in torrents loading list: 'hash goes here'

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