Weird download behaviour in Deluge

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Weird download behaviour in Deluge

Postby Akito » Sat Jun 20, 2020 11:19 am

Yesterday, I partially switched from a aria2 to a deluge server, running on my Raspberry Pi 3B. A VPN with P2P support is enabled on this device.

When I download a specific torrent through aria2, it always finds a peer I can download from. Sometimes a slow one, sometimes a quicker one, but it finds at least one.

When I download the exactly same torrent with deluge (while the aria2 download is stopped, of course) it uploads on max speed, but it never starts downloading.

Neither do I have a "no incoming connection" message on the WebUI, nor on the GUI Client, when connected to the same server through Thinclient Mode.

What is happening? I exclude networking issues, because aria2 downloads the exact same torrent just fine. I also highly increased the connection thresholds for downloads in Deluge, like no up/down limits, 200 max connections, etc.

Why can it not download the torrent in Deluge?

Other torrents seem to work fine, as long as they have enough seeders. But again, if aria2 finds seeders, so should deluge.

I temporarily disabled encryption, to see if that's the issue, but did not seem to help either.

I would appreciate any hints on a solution to my problem. Thank you.


I found the problem. The problem is, that neither the logs, nor the WebUI nor the desktop GUI show any signs of permission issues. They are just plainly ignored and silently accepted. That is horrible UX.

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