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Re: Ubuntu 20.04 / python issue with ngettext

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:37 pm
by mhertz

Not enough though. Usually would work, but there's first a sysv-compatibility-layer that needs disabling, which disturbs the process, which gets disabled by first disabling deluged service and then enabling it again. Sounds strange I know, but it also prints on terminal when doing this, that deluge is now omitted from that sysv-compatibility layer, which rewrites/generates systemd-service-files on-the-fly under /run at runtime. I was pulling my hair out almost, before understanding/finding-that-out, as even though systemctl cat deluged.service did show the -d switch added, then still failed, before that.

On other distros than ubuntu 20.04, with default deluge 2.0,3 package from ubuntu repo's, then adding a -d if missing, would be the fix agreed.