Deluge overwriting log files when starting

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Deluge overwriting log files when starting

Postby ender117 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 6:42 am

It appears that Deluge will overwrite the old log file with

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-l filename
option instead of appending it. This could cause trouble when trying to identify problems after system crash, reboot etc. I saw this question asked a few times here and there in the past few years but no solution was ever given

For now I modify the systemd files with an additional line:

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ExecStopPost=/bin/bash -c 'cp -a /var/log/deluge/daemon.log "/var/log/deluge/daemon.$(date +"%%m-%%d-%%y-%%r").log"'

This will make a copy of the current log file on deluged exit.

While this is a workaround I would still love to see a native solution, meaning appending the log file instead of creating dozens of them. Maybe there is an extra option that I do not know of? I am running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS if that matters

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