Extremely slow speed compared to other clients

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Extremely slow speed compared to other clients

Post by bibyfok »


I have an issue on my computer:
Windows 10
i9 9900K
32 Gigs ram
Connection: Optical fiber 1Gb down / 300 Mb up

With Deluge my speed never pass 5Mb download, I use it 24/7 and I rarely see higher than that number.
I started invesigate, all ports are open correctly, and I tried to pu -1 to all settings.
I have use the same torrent with 500+ seeders on Deluge / Transmission / Qbittorent
Deluge: 5Mb/s
Transmission: 20Mb+/s
Qbittorent: 50Mb+/s

Test have been done on the same torrent, same private tracker few seconds apart.

I trieds ltconfig with Performance setting and speed goes up to 12-14 mb/s MAX, never seen something higher.

Could you please help me on making Deluge faster as I love this client?

Thanks !

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Re: Extremely slow speed compared to other clients

Post by Neocazen »

Using the Ubuntu 19.10, Deluge version 2.03.
I can see this even today, Even download with the transmission, it hits the 10MB/s and the deluge can't reach 7MB/s.
It is notorious that Deluge has a ceiling of 70% of the total network capacity.
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Re: Extremely slow speed compared to other clients

Post by mhertz »

Libtorrent is just as fast as anything else out there, and agruably faster as can be tweaked more to whatever circumstances, and even by default is pretty optimized already, atleast not "slow" setup. Not really related, but if starting a magnet download, then transmission and rtorrent takes about 1 minutte to start, because needs to bootstrap the DHT and find connections, and is slow, whereas libtorrent-clients does it in 1-2 seconds, with even empty DHT from start - really impressive imho.

If qbittorrent is faster than deluge, then it's settings differing and/or another libtorrent version used as backend with issue on your end with regard to some setting, or just in general possibly. For instance, qbittorrent by default I believe has enabled multi-tracker announcing and mixed-mode zero, which deluge I believe doesn't, but can with ltconfig. Mixed.mode 0 makes it prefer TCP instead of uTP, because that is almost always faster. I think qbittorrent also has bigger cache by default, but can't remember. There's probably more differences, e.g. by default I believe qbittorrent defines 500 max concurrent connections, but no per torrent restriction, so a single torrent can have by default 500 connections. Deluge is by default restricted per torrents, with 200 connection if I remember correct, so running same single torrent would there be restricted to 200 connections max by default, if remembering right.
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