Download Stuck at 99% Tracker issue

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Download Stuck at 99% Tracker issue

Postby QWIKAG » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:28 pm

This is a problem that existed 10 years ago and has arisen for me 6th Dec 2018
All Torrents are stopping at 99.xx%
Not sure if this is a subset, but it seems to be every torrent since yesterday.
I did try Force Re-checks by itself, but this did not help.
Most torrents (if not all) had multiple Seeders, so

If I removed ... z/announce from my tracker list and then "Force Re-check".
As soon as another available peer comes back it finishes Download. Great!

Initially I tried removing all trackers and this worked.
So I decided to remove 1 at a time on various torrents until I (excuse the pun) tracked down the faulty tracker
And this was the only tracker causing the issue.

What is wrong with this Tracker?
How should I setup my trackers?
Any further insights would be great for me and future users?

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