Deluge deletes .torrent files

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Deluge deletes .torrent files

Postby adelphiaUK » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:54 am

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (server) for my Deluge Server and Windows 10 x64 for my client.

In preferences in the client, if I set "Auto add .torrents from:" and specify a folder it deletes them once they are loaded to the list. This is despite having the "Copy of .torrent files to:" set to a "backup folder" that I have specified.

Surely this is incorrect as this means, if a torrent fails, instead of being able to reload the torrent file back in, it's disappeared such that you need to go and download it again. Shouldn't it copy the torrent file to the "Copy" folder before it removes it from the "Auto add" folder?

Right now I'm having to disable the "Auto add" function so I don't keep losing my .torrent files. At first I thought this was an issue with AV software but it's not; it's the "Auto add" function in Deluge (Windows client).

I hope this makes sense!

How to replicate:
  1. In client preferences go to the Downloads tab and set the "Auto add .torrents from:" to a folder where you are going to download your .torrent files
  2. Set the "Copy of .torrent files to:" a folder of your choice where you wish to store .torrent files you wish to keep
  3. Now download a .torrent file and place it in the folder you specified as the "Auto add" folder
  4. Use your File Explorer to view the same folder and the .torrent file will have disappeared
  5. Use your File Explorer to view the "Copy to" folder and the .torrent file will not be there either, it's completely gone from your system except for a cryptic form in your ProgramData Deluge folder.

Chris (Delphinium)

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