Deluge randomly stopping on a synology server

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Deluge randomly stopping on a synology server

Postby djhifi » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:25 pm

My deluge is randomly stopping on my Synology NAS. I understand this is related to the specific synology package but the reason I'm posting here is:

1 - My Deluge package only stops whenever I access it from outside my home (so via the internet) and nothing is posted in the logs.
2 - I have 2 admin users created in the auth file, could this be the problem? Both are access the same Deluge, should I resort to using only one admin for multiple access?
3 - When I attemp to run my Deluge client in windows 10 (lan) when my synology randomly stops I get some errors thrown into the logs (see atachment). And also I am only able to run Deluge server again when I restart my NAS. Hitting "run" in the package center doesn't run it again. I think this is related to the start-stop-daemon script but I cant figure out HOW.
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