How to move torrents and files between 2 PC?

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How to move torrents and files between 2 PC?

Post by leslietim »

Hi everyone, I am in a bit of a pickle regarding Deluge and hope someone can help me.

I'm in need of resetting my pc from scratch to clean up a bit of slugginess, but I'm downloading a big batch of files. I could wait for them to finish but it would take more than a month with my connection unfortunately.

Is there a way to move everything to an external HD and get it back after I reset my pc? Or is there a folder where I can find all my current torrents in torrent form, so I can easily re-add them?

I looked for a guide online but everything I found was from 2009-2010 and I'm sure Deluge changed a lot in these years...
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Re: How to move torrents and files between 2 PC?

Post by mhertz »

Backup your config + download dir with semi-finished files, and place everything back same place afterwards.

Deluge profile dir on windows: '%APPDATA%\deluge'.

Note, i'm pretty sure this is the correct method, but please do this at your own risk, as I cannot guaranty anything, especially on windows which I last used almost 10 years ago, except helping family members with issues.
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Re: How to move torrents and files between 2 PC?

Post by Shryp »

The advice above should keep anything exactly how it is now.

Alternatively, if you have a copy of the .torrent file and still have the downloaded data you could add the torrent new on a fresh install and them right click and force recheck. I would advise changing the settings to not start downloads automatically if that is the what you are doing.
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Re: How to move torrents and files between 2 PC?

Post by BinaryData »

Ok, so config file isn't needed at all. That's a useless step. All you need to do is;

1. Stop the torrents from downloading.
2. Copy the files exactly how they are from whatever directory you're storing them in, to the external drive.
3. Copy the torrent files exactly how they are to the external drive.

When you go to add them back to Deluge, this is the process you NEED to follow.

1. Move the data files back to the location where data is saved.
2. Open Deluge, go to Settings. Enable "Add torrents in a paused state". (this stop them from auto-starting and causing ratio issues, if you got them from a private tracker)
3. Add the torrents back like you're adding new ones.
4. If all goes well, they should all auto-add in a paused state.
5. Right Click the torrent(s), and choose "Force Re-check".
6. The re-check will re-check the data and update Deluge according to how much data you've downloaded. It'll start from the % you stopped it with.
7. Once they've all been re-checked, start the torrents 1 by 1. You may need to refresh the trackers by doing "Update Tracker". Once all your torrents are back to downloading, go ahead and turn off "Add torrents in a paused State".

Should be solid after this. I do this quite frequently. I have several storage arrays, and I abuse a seedbox from FeralHosting. To say the least, I burn 50TB+ Per month in bandwidth that's 50TB up and 50TB down. Give me a holler if you have problems. I can walk you through it with pictures.
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