Install deluge in ubuntu 16.04 sever, RAID 0

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Install deluge in ubuntu 16.04 sever, RAID 0

Postby fastserver » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:40 pm

hello guys, sorry for this questios, but i know nothing of ubuntu, i want to install deluge the latest version in a server whit ubuntu 16.04 in RAID 0 whir 2xSSD disk, also whit ltconfig for high performance, whit daemon to use in windows whit the client, nothing more, i dont wnat ftp, nothing of that, only deluge + ltconfg + daemon

anyone know how? :?:

this guide is fine?

the problem is in that guide no says in what locations will be located the dowloads

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Re: Install deluge in ubuntu 16.04 sever, RAID 0

Postby shamael » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:11 am


You're free to follow ay guide but there is a support section on this site with all the steps you need

Check the installation and service section. About ltconfig there are multiple posts you can follow. Just be careful with the high performance setting, this is a "template" you wouldn't follow blindly. The number of connections/memory/etc is based on a server maybe not matching yours so take time to review the settings. I posted some tips here and there on this forum, search function useful :).

When using the client/server configuration (remove classic mode of the thin client as specified in the support section) With the thinclient/server you are able to configure the download destination in the thinclient as all the server settings.

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