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UI no longer loading

Postby jxr182 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:22 pm

I've been using deluge for a few months. My friend who knows far more than me about linux and deluge and docker and all of that set it up for me. I know the basics. He has been using it for a couple of years. We both recently had a problem where the web ui won't load. We go to localhost:8112 i believe it is and we get a connection error as if it's a webpage that doesn't exist. My friend is switching to transmission but my lack of knowledge of docker leads me to want to try to fix deluge. Reading the logs my friend says it has something to do with a connection error to PIA, but I'm not certain because I use PIA in all things and have no connection problems with them. For what it's worth docker shows delugevpn running utilizing between 30-100 mb of ram.
I have searched on the net and see nothing recent (other than one post from a few days ago about a raspberry pi having somewhat similar issues).

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