Deluge desktop / deluge-web dont agree on plugin settings

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Deluge desktop / deluge-web dont agree on plugin settings

Postby Pyrrhic » Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:46 pm

Hi all,

Just noticed something that's at least weird, and possibly inconvenient/not working for me. I have a machine running the deluge daemon, and I connect to that daemon using both the desktop client and deluge-web. What I've realised is that some of the plugin settings I have don't agree between the two. There are two plugin weirdnesses I've identified:

Web-UI: I have this enabled on the desktop from the plugins menu, and that gives me a webui sub-menu in the preferences menu. in Deluge-web, it doesn't how many times I tick the box to enable WebUI and hit apply/ok, it never sticks - and no sub-menu appears in preferences. I don't actually know how much of a problem this is though because I still don't really understand what WebUI does! The description talks about starting the web interface from the daemon - don't really know when I'd have call to do that (?)

simpleextractor: this is the one I think is an actual issue - I sort of have the opposite problem with this plugin: the setting is ticked and persists on the web interface, and there's a simpleextractor sub-menu in preferences; furthermore, on the web interface, I have the "extract torrent in place" option ticked on the submenu. On the desktop however - the plugin seems enabled, and the sub-menu in preferences is there, but every time I start up the deluge desktop client, the 'extract torrent in place' option is unticked again. If I tick it and hit apply/ok, it'll show that way when I go back in the menu, and retain that setting as long as the desktop client is open - it just doesn't persist across opening and closing. This I think is a real problem for me, because simpleextractor doesn't seem to be working unless the desktop client is open and the relevant option ticked.

Trying to do my own debugging, I looked in the deluge config folder and I note there's a simplextractor.conf file - I opened it, and the option that appears to correlate with extract in place was set as true, so that seems fine. I've also checked and both deluged and deluge-web are being started by the same user and group, the default daemon option is set in the conf files and they're clearly connected to the same daemon instance because the same torrents are showing in both etc.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Deluge desktop / deluge-web dont agree on plugin settings

Postby probbzy » Thu Apr 15, 2021 12:36 pm

Hey, I found a possible fix for the simpleextractor problem. As long as you only use the deluge-web, the setting is persistent. If you try to connect to it through deluge client on your computer, it seems to revert back to default. I have deluge deamon setup on a remote machine, so I ended up removing the plugin from my local deluge plugin section (%appdata%\deluge\plugins). Now I can connect to my remote deamon through the client without changing the settings for that exact plugin.

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Re: Deluge desktop / deluge-web dont agree on plugin settings

Postby mhertz » Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:54 pm

In addition to above posted workaround kindly posted by probbzy, then I rebuilt plugin with inplace-extractions set as default - I didn't hardcode it though, as didn't felt needed, so if your config file for simple-extractor states root-extractions enabled instead, then that is respected/used, but if plugin resets back to default as per reported here, then this version has switched defaults(from root to inplace) to counter that, and latest version built from git, though same as 1.4 already posted, with above mentioned change.

However, I tested myself, but couldn't reproduce with original plugin, either in thinclient remote, thinclient localhost, or classic mode, GTK and web-UI, but nonetheless. I know though that OP posted this report several years ago, but however was echo'ed also now by probbzy, plus reported also on github a year ago, without responce and no commits after this date, hence me testing this. Im not a wizz at python but the code looks okay/normal to me from quick glance i.e. defines default options, overwrites from custom config if available and saves config on save, which also happened to me, but nonetheless.

(Rename to match python version as per usual)

To OP's first question, just for full reference and to others possibly interessted, then webUI plugin that can be enabled in gtkUI is just a way to start webUI, instead of doing it manually or from a service file e.g. enabled to run at boot, so doesn't make sence trying to enable it from the webUI itself, since already started now.

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