Transdroid: Add torrent -, line 301

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Transdroid: Add torrent -, line 301

Postby TheNamesQ » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:09 pm


I have no idea what happened but I no longer can add new torrents from Android app Transdroid/Transdrone, it's driving me nuts. I've tried everything - fresh Windows install, opening ports, disabling firewall, different PC.

Adding new torrents directly from WebUI works it's only the android app that doesn't.

I'm running deluged with deluge-web-debug.

From android app I can see and manage existing torrents but after I try to add a new one it says:
Error during communication: check connection

The web-debug log says:

Code: Select all

[DEBUG   ] 20:56:45 auth:146 Creating session for admin
[DEBUG   ] 20:56:45 json_api:270 json-request: {"method":"core.add_torrent_file","params":[[{"path":"c:\\users\\home\\appdata\\local\\temp\\delugeweb-fpfbhi\\tmpoxao89.torrent","options":[]}]],"id":2}
[ERROR   ] 20:56:45 client:391 RPCError Message Received!
RPCRequest: core.add_torrent_file([{u'path': u'c:\\users\\home\\appdata\\local\\temp\\delugeweb-fpfbhi\\tmpoxao89.torrent', u'options': []}])
  File "deluge\core\", line 301, in dispatch

TypeError: add_torrent_file() takes exactly 4 arguments (2 given)

Can anybody help me?

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