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UI Extremely Unresponsive

Postby utaysidun » Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:12 pm


I'm running the Deluge daemon (1.3.10) on a virtual machine on my NAS and connecting the deluge thin client to it. The problem is that the UI is extremely unresponsive, to the point where it's not usable. I just clicked the "add torrent" button, and the dialog took literally 15 minutes to pop up. Opening the settings menu takes even longer most of the time. Switching between views in the UI (i.e. downloading vs. uploading torrent list) can sometimes take minutes as well (usually more like half a minute). Similar reaction times for most other stuff in the UI. The daemon is constantly using 100% of the CPU, no matter if a UI client is connected or not. The thin client is usually not using much CPU.

I have a good 400 torrents overall, but usually only ~10 are downloading or uploading at any time. I have the daemon running on a Debian VM (VirtualBox) with 4GB of RAM on a RAID-6 drive array, where some of the disks are attached via USB 3.0, and all the VM's network traffic (OpenVPN) and disk access is encrypted. There's nothing much else running on the machine. Now, I know that this configuration is not the fastest, especially for disk access. But it doesn't matter if I'm sending/receiving 50 kB/s or 2 MB/s - it is at 100% CPU in both cases. It even remains that high if I cut the VM's internet connection.

I have read that Deluge has a problem with high CPU usage because of some Python GTK components. But is it really THAT bad, or is it something else that's slowing it down? Anything I could do to make it faster?

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Re: UI Extremely Unresponsive

Postby shamael » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:49 pm

To give you an idea I've 600 torrents running on a RPI and USB disk, no queue limit meaning there are all seeding. I limit the download to 1 torrent at time et such stuff due to understandable limitations but in your setup is far above mine. I only know one limit in my setup wit the GTK UI and WebUI: if I go above around 640 torrents the client lost the connection with the server (RPC stuff). Beyond this limit I've not real issue.

The CPU issue you face too may be linked to the waits, what tells you a "top" command" inside the VM?
If the waits are high you can determine if the disk is involved with the command "iostat" you may have to install.
I always recommend to update to the last version, Deluge 1.3.15 with libtorrent 1.0.11 but cannot tell if it will change anything on this topic (the update through PPA is very easy however, check the wiki/forum).

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