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Created a torrent, but deluge-console will not start seeding.

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:38 pm
by inersha
Hi there,

I'm running Deluge on a headless Ubuntu server, and I'm trying to create a torrent and start seeding it. These are my steps so far:

1. Create torrent. You cannot create a torrent file using deluge on the command line, so I use transmission to create the torrent instead:

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transmission-create file.txt -o file.txt.torrent

2. I then add this torrent file through the deluge-console with

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add file.txt.torrent

This all works fine, but the torrent only gets this far:

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Attempting to add torrent: /home/me/folder/file.txt.torrent
Torrent added!
* TorrentStateChanged: Paused None (0545d401658e917a2bf5fab137b6f8fe97386552)
* TorrentStateChanged: Downloading None (0545d401658e917a2bf5fab137b6f8fe97386552)
* TorrentAdded: file.txt (0545d401658e917a2bf5fab137b6f8fe97386552)

If I'm correct, there should be a line saying "seeding" after that third line.

Anyway, according to the info for this torrent:

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State: Downloading Down Speed: 0.0 KiB/s Up Speed: 0.0 KiB/s
Seeds: 0 (-1) Peers: 1 (-1) Availability: 0.00
Size: 0.0 KiB/278.2 GiB Ratio: -1.000
Seed time: 0 days 00:00:00 Active: 0 days 00:01:16
Tracker status:
Progress: 0.00% [~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]

For some reason it says "Downloading", which is strange because the original file is on the same computer and does not need to be downloaded at all (the torrent file should be pointing to a file on the same computer).

What might be preventing deluge from seeding this torrent?

Note: I have been able to seed torrents on my local computer, but only if I created them in my Downloads folder. I'm thinking this problem may be due to some sort of folder configuration, but so far my attempts at fixing it that way haven't worked.

Re: Created a torrent, but deluge-console will not start seeding.

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:02 pm
by inersha

When you add the .torrent file to deluge, you must also specify the location of the original file you created the .torrent file from. You must do this if the file you want to share is in a different directory to the one you have set in the deluge config.

For example, instead of:

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add file.txt.torrent

Do this...

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add -p ~/path/to/location/ file.txt.torrent