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"Recently Used" folder selection options

Postby Dysprosium » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:42 am

I've been using Deluge for awhile now since dropping uTorrent.

One of the things I remember being useful from uTorrent was that, when setting the client to ask me for a download file location after every torrent opened, it would remember the last directory location I had selected for the previous torrent file.

Deluge has something similar in that it has a "Recently Used" tab in the Select a Folder dialogue box for selecting download locations. However, it's not useful for me because it only seems to remember the directory folder above the one I had selected previously, rather than the direct subfolder I had selected. This is important since I have dozens of subfolder directories within a root folder

To illustrate what I mean, here is an example:
I have my default download directory path set to a folder called SaveDirectory, within it are subfolders called Category 1, 2, etc and within those folders are more subfolders (subfolderA1, A2, etc)

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Let's say I want to open a torrent file and save the contents to ~/SaveDirectory/Category2/subfolderB1, and then later on (or immediately after) I want to save another file there from a different torrent. If I try and find subfolderB1 in the "Recently Used" list I won't find it there. Instead, I'll find Category2 in recently used for some reason. If I want subfolderB1 to be selectable in the Recently Used tab, I'll have to had selected a sub-subfolder within subfolderB1 in a previous download first.

Since my Category folders tends to have dozens upon dozens of subfolders within them, I have to type in a name to search through the list of subfolders everytime. Sometimes I batch download a lot of files that would go into the same subfolder, but I have to reselect that subfolder everytime by typing in its name in the search. I think it would be quicker for me to be able to directly select Recently Used subfolders, especially since I tend to download to certain subfolders more than others.
I can't set too many bookmarks to all my subfolders either, because that is A LOT of subfolders. I'd rather have recently use ones more readily handy. At most, I bookmark really commonly used subfolders, but I make new ones everyday.

Am I missing something? Is there a workaround or a option that I missed? I tried looking for ways to change "Recently Used" directory behavior. Maybe I'm bad at organizing or browsing through my file lists or there is a better way to reselect recently used folders directly? Any help would be appreciated.

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