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Deluge file name/location question

Postby theironfist » Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:54 am

I am coming to Deluge from many, many years of using uTorrent. Main reason for the switch is my new unRaid server and wanting to move my torrents into a docker.

I've just moved all my movies, apps, and music from uTorrent into Deluge without a problem. All my path mappings are configured with the exception of my TV folder. With uTorrent, I was able to pre-configure my torrent filename and location prior to starting the download. For TV Shows this was very useful when dealing with various seasons of a particular show. In addition, I keep my torrents seeding nearly all the time and don't necessarily worry about removing them from the client.

With Deluge, I am not seeing how to accomplish this task. I've read some posts (here and elsewhere) for similar questions and it seems the generic response is to run a script to copy the completed torrent file(s) and rename the copies. I do not like the idea of doubling my space simply for file management. I'm hoping that I simply overlooked a setting or plugin that will help. I'm currently using 'AutoAdd' and 'LabelPlus'.

The one thing I've considered at this point is to configure my docker with individual paths that mount to each folder of my show. For example, for Twin Peaks, I have the following folder structure:

<unRaid>/TV/Twin Peaks/Season <#>/S<#>E<#>.mkv

If I map a path to /config/tv/twinpeaks which points to the path above (minus the 'Season'), then maybe that would work. It just seems laborious to go into the docker, add the new path map, and restart things.

Anyone else currently tackling this? Did I overlook something simple/stupid?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Deluge file name/location question

Postby sinaptika » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:35 am

I'm not sure I understand completely, but if I do:
1. Right click on a torrent and choose "Move Storage"
With that you can move the data to the path as seen by the container running deluged

2. After you have the data where you want it, just click on the torrent in the client.
On the bottom you will see a couple of tabs. Click "Files". Click on the directory/file and just rename it.

Also Deluge is a BitTorrent client, if i understand what you are looking for, sonarr with deluge might work well for you.

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