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From uTorrent to Deluge

Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:47 pm
by annomatik
Hi! As I don't want to have my main PC running all the time, I'm trying to switch from uTorrent (Windows) to Deluge (Raspbian on a RPi 1).

Naturally, Deluge on a RPi 1 is quite slow, but it kind of works. I'm using the console + the Windows client of Deluge. For the Windows client, I'm searching a couple of things I seem to be missing from uTorrent:

1) A "Completed" folder ("Finished" in terms of Deluge) -- apparently, I only see with the progress bar, if a torrent is finished, but unlike for uTorrent, I cannot find a "Completed" folder (only All, Downloading, Seeding, Queued and Error)
2) A "Remaining" column -- how much GB / MB are there still left to download?
3) A "completed on" column -- when has the torrent been finished?
4) A "file browser" for specifying, where to download certain labels. Apparently, this is only a text box and I have to copy + paste the path from the ssh window?
5) A way of specifying the label of certain download(s) right after clicking on magnet link(s). (Yes, I have the labels plugin installed but apparently it's only possible specify labels after adding them to the torrent list?)
6) A graphical way of showing the currently downloaded / still missing / unavailable chunks (an optional feature for me but quite nice anyway).
7) Some sort of indicator, how many "server requests" are pending -- as the RPi 1 is quite slow, it can take some time to add / delete / label torrents and I'd like some sort of number or something which shows me, how many such pending requests there still are
8) Some sort of indicator, what the deluge demon is most busy with at the moment. In top, I only see that the CPU is overloaded most of the time, but in the console, I can't see what Deluge is currently "really" doing.

Please advise. And if Deluge cannot do these things... Is there a similar "client / server" Torrent client somewhere that can do that (for Raspbian and Debian, maybe even with a Windows client like Deluge)?

Also, is it normal that the "move when completed" paths of labels are ignored most of the time? Most downloads seem to be stuck in the download folder, even though they are finished (or at least at 100 %).


Re: From uTorrent to Deluge

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:51 pm
by annomatik
Hello? Anyone here?

Re: From uTorrent to Deluge

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:20 pm
by Tvich
1. Edit/Preferences/Downloads
Is "Move on completed" what you want?
Or are you interested in States in client? Seeding=100% complete.
2. No, size, progress and downloaded only
3. No, check activity time and seeding time on status, it's closest to what you want.
4. Deluge can't know your remote unc path on client.
5. No, plugins get added after torrent gets added in to deluged.
6. No clue, probably a plugin somewhere?
7. No clue what you mean here. What do you consider "pending"?
8. Enable debug logging and you will see what deluged is doing. (hint its' reading and writing stuff to disk :)

No advice here, deluged is the closest you will get.

"move when completed" in label plugin works for me 100%. Are both options checked in Label options/location?

Re: From uTorrent to Deluge

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:52 pm
by annomatik

So I think, I know now what to do -- I need to get a faster Deluge Server. Most operations take way to long (think hours, not minutes), some don't happen at all.

1) No, not really -- I'd like to see something like this:


for me, the most important part about downloading is, when the files are ready for their "final destination" :-)

2) / 3) would it make to raise some sort of "feature request" for that, where would I do that?

4) sure, but I'd already be very happy with a "server file browser", so I could browse everything via one client (=Deluge Windows client) and would no longer have to use ssh for that.

5) Will the new Deluge 2 change that? Any idea when it will come out?

6) well, not so important.

7) That's a complicated one... Apparently, the Raspberry Pi 1 is completely overloaded with Deluged + Deluge Console, both usually max out the cpu capacity. Everything I do in the Windows client, at least that's my theory, is sent to deluged and receives a reply which is "shown" in the Windows client. For example, if I add a label, the label is sent from the Windows client to deluged and when deluged added that label, it will send back to the Windows client, that it has sent that label. Same for magnet links: Windows client sents to deluged, that the user would like to add a torrent, deluged sends back "ok, go ahead", Windows client pops up an "add torrent link" dialog box (unfortunatelly without the label).

Now... adding a new label and (more annoyingly) magnet links can take a couple of hours (!) in my installation (from "add label" / "add magnet link" to actually something happening on my screen). Sometimes, Deluge just "forgets" my requests, but often, the dialog box / the new labels appear then in the middle of the night and I can proceed in the next morning with what I wanted to do in the first time.

So... It would be very helpful, if there was some sort of "pending deluged requests" indicator or something, that shows me, if Deluge Windows client just "forgot" about my request or if there is still hope...

Probably, getting a small intel-based server (recommendations?) will make that request obsolete, but if I'm lucky, there will still be performance problems which I could debug more easily which such an indication.

8) Cool. Where do I find that? Is this some sort of config option?

Thanks for the answers!

Re: From uTorrent to Deluge

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:18 pm
by annomatik
To underline, what I was writing earlier...

Yesterday, around midnight, I tried adding a couple of magnet links to Deluge (click in the webbrowser --> Magnet Links for the Deluge Windows Client). Today, 3 pm (that's about 15 hours later), the "add dialog" finally pops up... :-)

Kind of weird, but I almost got used to it already.