Torrents (sometimes) not seeding when peer available

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Torrents (sometimes) not seeding when peer available

Postby Modi » Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:49 pm

What I want to achieve is to transfer large files (around 300 TB per) day from one computer to others (Win10, Linux, Apple).

My test setup consists of a Win 10 computer (Deluge 1.3.15), which is supposed to seed the torrents, and a Ubuntu computer (Deluge 1.3.12), which is supposed to receive the torrents. The tracker used is a private BitStorm installation. Basically, the setup is working as can be seen in the screenshot below.

The first problem is that the seeders from time to time just won't connect to the leechers. Even if the seeder/peer numbers indicated are correct. If that happens it can be days where not a single byte is transmitted. After that, it just starts working again without me changing any settings...

The second issue is that the transfer just seems to be much slower than expected most of the time. My internet connection is not the best, but it should be many times fasters.

I have tried different settings but ran out of ideas, because I don't see anything wrong and it is working from time to time without problems. Any ideas about what to try next would be very appreciated.


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