Scheduled seeding for all torrents

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Scheduled seeding for all torrents

Postby SisconOniisan » Fri May 19, 2017 5:09 pm

Is there a way to do that? I want to equally seed X amount of torrents but it seems like I can only seed a maximum of 5 torrents at a time while others sit in the queue until I manually change who I seed, so is there a way to task deluge (while its running without any downloads) to automatically seed another torrent in the queue after seeding 1 for X amount of time? Maybe a plugin or a built-in feature? It'd be also cool if deluge just seeds any torrent that has leechers, and puts any non-leeched torrent into the queue..

Also, it'd be great if, whenever a download completes, it would put the completed torrent at the end of the seed queue and make it go back to the last torrent(s) it was seeding... but of course the main thing I wanna do is the one on the first paragraph. :mrgreen:

EDIT: I am completely retarded. I can set the max seeding torrents in the preferences. My bad. :lol:

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