Connected once but no more - PC to Pi (v1.3.12)

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Connected once but no more - PC to Pi (v1.3.12)

Postby Serverguy » Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:54 pm

Running 1.3.12 on both PCs and Raspberry Pi3.

The Pi3 gets torrents just fine and shows them in the window just like normal on the Pi native screen.

After the initial install and config I was able to click a magnet link on the PC and the torrent started on the Pi. IT WAS GREAT! (for an hour only)

But, on the Pi, it showed two torrents but the PC only showed 1 that it caused to start. It would never show the one that was started on the Pi. Reboots and refreshes would not get the full list to show on the PC, ever. Now I can't see anything.

So then I tried the web GUI from the PC and I could see everything a couple of times.

But no more. Now the Connection Manager does not connect. The Web-GUI connects but shows nothing. No torrents.

It was great for about 1 hour but now is not very useful. The same utility as Transmission and that's not much!

The auth file has two lines - userid:pass:10 and a second line with localclient:large-number:10

When I type "deluged" on the Pi, it says that it cannot start because it cannot get to 58846 since it is already in use. So something is there. I assume it is deluged already running. Not sure how to really query things and make sure that all the bits are in order.

This is a very difficult thing to configure and make run. Is there a WORKING set of instructions on how to make things right? Surely would help. The "helps" are not helping. Have read them and tried to follow without much success after the first day. On a subsequent day, I got good info from the web gui but that has gone now. I really want that connection where I can click a link on the PC and have the Pi start the download like I had for about an hour one time. If that worked, this would be most excellent but... no joy for now.

How do I automatically start up and make sure that deluged is running on the Pi?
How do I automatically startup and verify the web piece is running on the Pi?


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Re: Connected once but no more - PC to Pi (v1.3.12)

Postby shamael » Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:06 pm

Hi Mike,

First use the last version 1.3.13. The installation steps and repository to use are available for Ubuntu (distro you mentioned) . The repo is up to date with version 1.3.13 as you may see

Starting with last build, you can check on the RPI if the process is running and if the local console (type

Code: Select all

, check the wiki) is available. Then assuming the remote access is enabled and you defined the correct user in the auth and duriong your remote connection it should be fine.

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Re: Connected once but no more - PC to Pi (v1.3.12)

Postby alanz » Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:52 am

Try to look at 192.168.l.l login. When I have connection problems I always follow this instruction first. Last time I had problems with my access to ADSL-modem’s caused by wrong browser settings. That instruction saved my time. Hope it will be useful for you too.

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