deluge-console info, statistics or status for a specific torrent's tracker announce

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deluge-console info, statistics or status for a specific torrent's tracker announce

Postby Nemo_bis » Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:11 am

I have a few hundreds torrents in Error state which should actually be fine, if only deluge checked the local data. For instance:

Code: Select all

$ deluge-console "info -s Error" | grep -c ID
$ deluge-console "info -s Error" | head -8

Name: aawiki-20161201-pages-meta-history.xml.7z
ID: 18a6f49174c769129a13afdb4587148b6e7dad02
State: Error
Size: 0.0 KiB/188.7 KiB Ratio: -1.000
Seed time: 0 days 00:00:00 Active: 0 days 10:16:45
Tracker status: Error:
Progress: 0.00% [~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]
$ deluge --version
deluge: 1.3.6

In some cases it's just a temporary announce error with a specific tracker, I think, but I don't see a way to see all the tracker (and DHT?) statistics for a specific torrent. I'm interested in the usual things: list of associated trackers and for each of them when the latest announcement was sent, what error code I got if any, maybe how many nodes I got.

When there is something (good) to say about a torrent, I see this:

Code: Select all

>>> info -v 8ecff5c1685a48ad7172a9c9993979943c4020be
                                                                                                                                               Name: bclwiki-20170101-pages-meta-history.xml.bz2
ID: 8ecff5c1685a48ad7172a9c9993979943c4020be
State: Seeding Up Speed: 0.0 KiB/s
Seeds: 0 (2) Peers: 1 (0) Availability: 0.00
Size: 22.7 MiB/22.7 MiB Ratio: 0.871
Seed time: 1 days 07:07:03 Active: 1 days 07:07:05
Tracker status: Announce OK
    bclwiki-20170101-pages-meta-history.xml.bz2 (22.7 MiB) Progress: 100.00% Priority: Normal
Peer    IT      a.b.c.d:51413      Transmission 2.92       0.0 KiB/s       0.0 KiB/s

I also saw a feature request marked fixed 6 years ago which added the "deluge-console status" command ( ), seemingly removed later; and a feature request for a rich tracker info tab on the UI ( ): but nothing about my specific request. Sorry if I missed something.

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