BUILT IN "Label Plugin"

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BUILT IN "Label Plugin"

Postby Terrylee23 » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:18 pm

I'm not here to repeat the other 1000 threads that come up saying label plugin is not working and that is because it does work.

although to my knowledge the only label which it properly shows is thee "sonarr" label.

I first noticed that when torrents are in deluge I was seeing some that were labeled sonarr and others that weren't labeled, I then figured out that CouchPotato was not sending over it's label of "couchpotato". I went into CouchPotato and changed the label name to "sonarr". Then movies that were sent were also named sonarr which isn't acceptable, I tried everything from cp to sickrage,sickbeard although nothing sent a label through.

When I have the plugins addin enabled, it does not add any extra options along the left side as it does when using the "Execute" plugin. Therefore I have no options anywhere to edit anything that has to do with the plugin. When I have a file sent over with any tag whether it is one deluge notices "sonarr" or one it doesn't "couchpotato" if I try to right click the file and go down to label where I'm supposed to have options of some sort, nothing populates.

Running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
deluged = 1.3.12
deluge-web = 1.3.12
libtorrent =

I would prefer not to install the advanced plugin module as this is clearly working, it for some reason doesn't have couchpotato registered in it and I'm not sure how to do so. Maybe the file location so I can edit it manually and put couchpotato into it. Since the gui has no options with this builtin label plugin I don't see there being any other options. Let me know, thanks!

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