VPN, NAT and pfsense

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VPN, NAT and pfsense

Postby whazaap » Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:10 pm


I'd like to start by saying that this was the most difficult sign-up to a forum, ever. The first time I've filled in the correct answer, I was hit by the timeout and didn't notice so I kept researching and trying different names. Thank god I ran into a google group post.

I don't have a problem running deluge, but I'd appreciate it if someone can clarify some concepts that I can't seem to understand.

I'm running a deluge server on debian behind a pfsense firewall which is connected to PIA VPN. I don't want to be a leecher, I also want to seed, so I'm trying to set up port forwarding properly.

Scenario 1:
Deluge bindings:
incoming ports: 6881-6889
outgoing ports: 6891-6899

outgoing NAT through OpenVPN tunnel for both ranges.
I know that NAT is working because I've forwarded http and https ports and did a "what is my ip" lookup on google.

In this scenario, everything seems to be working properly.

Scenario 2
If I don't forward ports 6881-6889, I can't see any uploads, but downloads are working.

How come I can upload traffic even if I don't have any incoming ports forwarded? Is deluge the one initiating the connection so I'm basically, uploading to the one who's downloading?

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