Use deluge through VPN

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Use deluge through VPN

Postby dfrey » Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:50 pm


I am controlling Deluge through the web interface from a desktop on my LAN, but the deluge client is running on another machine (Arch Linux). On the machine running deluge, I am running an OpenVPN client connected to a VPN provider. I want to run Deluge so that all torrent traffic goes over the VPN, but I want to administer the web interface from within my LAN.

There is an option under "Preferences > Network" called "Network Interface", but I'm not really sure what effect that field has. I put tun0 in this field and the torrent I am seeding is still uploading after restarting deluge, but I'm not sure whether this is sufficient. Can someone explain this field?

I read a page on the Deluge wiki about setting up Deluge for VPN on Linux and I can go down the iptables route if needed, but I want to understand the significance of the "Network Interface" setting as well.


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