Auto Managed - Can you clarify the FAQ explanation?

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Auto Managed - Can you clarify the FAQ explanation?

Postby pkiff » Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:39 pm

I think I may be having problems understanding "Auto Managed".

I have read the FAQ response here: ... oManageddo
And I thought I understood, but now that I read it more closely, I think I still don't understand what the use case is for this feature and have now turned it off on all torrents. Or maybe I don't understand the queued/seeding/active statuses.

Or maybe there is a bug that causes the feature to not work correctly on all systems?:

"Auto Managed" is named in a way that makes one assume that it should be enabled on all torrents. But it seems like deluge actually works the way one would expect by default without auto manage enabled. If you have 100 torrents, and you want to keep seeding all of them, but limit the number of "active" torrents, you set limits in your queue preferences, and this works as one would expect. But if you also set those torrents to "auto managed" then trackers will no longer "see" your torrents that are not actively being seeded within your limits, and it will look like you are not actually seeding those torrents at all. They get moved into a queued state instead.

Is that how it is supposed to work? Doesn't that mean that it will break your seeding of a completed torrent before reaching your ratio, and therefore making you become a leech? Or maybe auto manage only works if you have no limits set on any of your queue settings? I don't really get it and I wonder if the FAQ might be tweaked to make it clear who should use this feature and when?

I love deluge and am most grateful to the entire dev team and community for this great software.

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Re: Auto Managed - Can you clarify the FAQ explanation?

Postby ben2talk » Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:22 am

I have the same question.

On many sites, there is a bonus system for seeding time. I extended the numbers for Queue 999 active torrents, and 'Active Seeding' also 999 so that all my torrents are blue.

The biggest trouble with seeding isn't so much bandwidth, it's just finding the connections (some torrents can seed for a week and gain 4:1 ratio - with MVGroup; but others may seed for a month and upload 0 up to 20kb for a big file).

I disabled 'Auto-Managed' as I'm simply unclear on what benefit it might have.

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Re: Auto Managed - Can you clarify the FAQ explanation?

Postby neo » Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:54 am

Sorry to bump an old thread, but i have the same question. Can anyone please elaborate?

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Re: Auto Managed - Can you clarify the FAQ explanation?

Postby shamael » Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:36 am

In a nutshell Automanaged set the servers IN/OUT as configured in the queue preference

Example: max download = 1, if all torrents are automanaged then only one torrent at a time will be downloaded. Let this in place, remove the automanaged from a couple of torrents, and those will be downloading too (out of the queue settings)

As many I' in favor to seed as much as possible, but I like the automanaged settings. To seed all your torrents and still have control with the queue simply configure Queue>Active torrents>Total active above your total torrents number. This way all are automanaged (ratio, d/l, speed) in a central place but all will seed too.

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