Deluge 1.3.5 on Linux Mint 13 "Quit & Shutdown Daemon" bug?

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Deluge 1.3.5 on Linux Mint 13 "Quit & Shutdown Daemon" bug?

Post by mingle »

Hi all,

I recently installed the latest Deluge (1.3.5) via Synaptic, using the 'standard' Linux Mint repositories and all was well until today...

Rather than shutdown the program from the panel, I used the menu "File>Quit & Shutdown Daemon" instead (for some unknown reason!).

About 20 seconds later I restarted Deluge, but didn't have any connections, and when I went to the connection manager I received an
error message saying that the daemon couldn't start or wasn't installed (I didn't copy the exact error, unfortunately).

The only way I could find to fix the problem was to completely uninstall Deluge and all dependencies and then reboot and reinstall
everything again.

It all seems to work fine now, but I'm very wary of that "Quit & Shutdown Daemon" menu option!

Is there something 'special' about the "Quit & Shutdown Daemon" option?

Should I try it again and and get more info about the error, or perhaps some logs?


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Re: Deluge 1.3.5 on Linux Mint 13 "Quit & Shutdown Daemon" b

Post by Cas »

There is no bug that we are aware of. Is deluged running locally or remotely?

Without the error message or logs it impossible to know what happened.
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