[Solved] Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

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Menpachi Hibachi
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[Solved] Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby Menpachi Hibachi » Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:48 am

This past weekend I upgraded my deluged system from Ubuntu 10.04 server with a custom kernel to Ubuntu 10.10 server with the official kernel. But things have become slow and I am out of ideas to check.

I had been running deluged 1.2.3 and now am using the 1.3.0 packaged with Ubuntu 10.10. The OS upgrade also brought me up to the most recent version of libtorrent-rasterbar.

I normally run deluged with ~1500 torrents and consistently max out my 4MB/s upload bandwidth. But after the ubuntu upgrade I am lucky to get 2MB/s.

I think there are less peers than I am used to seeing. The number of active torrents in the state window is now usually in the 15-20 range while I remember it previously being in the 40+ range.

I have verified that all incoming connections are being accepted at the tcp level (wireshark doesn't show any rejected TCP connections) and I can bounce on the "test active port" button and get a green light 100% of the time.

I've got the unix rlimit configured for a maximum of 4000 open files per process so I don't think I'm running into a limit there.

Everything on the Bandwidth preferences page is set to -1 for unlimited.
On the Queue preferences page I have
Total active: 9999
Total active downloading: 299
Total active seeding: 1999
Do not count slow torrents: YES

I've noticed that when I get a fast peer, he can pull a lot of bandwidth on that specific connection, so I think it must have something to do with what appears to be a fewer number of peers/active torrents.

CPU utilization as reported by top is about half a core on a 4-core system. The system generally has at least two cores idle.

According to iotop disk IO is about 6MB/s - roughly 3x the network bandwidth which is about the same ratio when it was working right (12MB/s disk IO for 4MB/s network IO).

Memory use is about 1GB virtual, 600MB resident which is inline with what I saw before the OS upgrade.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby robotDA » Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:27 am

I'm facing the same problem. I'm running regular 10.10 Meerkat.

It seems to me each torrent upload speed is capped at 50kb/s even though I set them to be at 400kb/s. Can't figure out what's wrong.

Is this a bug?

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Re: Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby sb4100 » Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:18 pm

same here, torrents are dead slow when seeding, usually mbs just 100 or so kbs


Re: Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby thorup » Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:26 pm

Trying deluge 1.3.1 for the first time and the speeds are really slow uploading as well. If I try with a different client my line maxes out. It doesn't seem to see as many peers/stay connected to them. Pretty sure I have it configured correctly as well.

Menpachi Hibachi
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Re: Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby Menpachi Hibachi » Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:20 am

To follow up, I ran the daemon with debug logging turned on and I am seeing a ton of messages like the following:

[DEBUG ] 20:14:29 alertmanager:123 performance_alert: Sita1080FLAC.mkv: performance warning: send buffer watermark too low (upload rate will suffer)

By "a ton" I mean roughly 30 per second for a couple of seconds in a row for each torrent that has peers actively downloading from me.

Google turned up no leads as to the meaning of that warning.

Menpachi Hibachi
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Re: Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby Menpachi Hibachi » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:59 am

Fixed it.

First off, the watermark warnings were mostly a red herring. I fixed them and it did not improve utilization.
So I poked around the source code for libtorrent and noticed a function "session::high_performance_seed()" that set a bunch of variables designed to maximize seeding performance. Using those variables as a guide, I edited deluge/core/core.py starting at line 91 where it said:

Code: Select all

 # Set the user agent
        self.settings = lt.session_settings()

and I added the following lines:

Code: Select all

        self.settings.send_buffer_watermark = 5 * 1024 * 1024
        self.settings.file_pool_size = 500
        self.settings.allow_multiple_connections_per_ip = True
        self.settings.cache_size = 32768
        self.settings.use_read_cache = True
        self.settings.cache_buffer_chunk_size = 128
        self.settings.read_cache_line_size = 512
        self.settings.write_cache_line_size = 512
        self.settings.low_prio_disk = False
        self.settings.cache_expiry = 60 * 60
        self.settings.close_redundant_connections = True
        self.settings.max_rejects = 10
        self.settings.optimize_hashing_for_speed = True
        self.settings.request_timeout = 10
        self.settings.peer_timeout = 20
        self.settings.inactivity_timeout = 20
        self.settings.active_limit = 2000
        self.settings.active_seeds = 2000
        self.settings.auto_upload_slots = False
        self.settings.max_failcount = 1

I realize some of these are also configurable through the cache settings dialog, but I just went with everything from the high_performance_seed() function to be sure all of my bases were covered. WIth these new settings I am back to 50+ peers and am actually pushing out 5MB+/sec so its an improvement over the previous version of deluged and libtorrent.

I can't say which specific setting fixed it, after trying the disk watermark one by itself I just added all of the others at once and now that everything is working great I don't want to fiddle with it.

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Re: [Solved] Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby Symbiot » Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:16 am

just tried your settings... will see how it goes..

I've been experiencing torrents slowing down, then stopping alltogether, the starting up again..

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Re: [Solved] Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby jorricks » Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:41 am

Where can I find the deluge/core/core.py as I really want to set high performance seeding settings :)

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Re: [Solved] Ubuntu 10.10 Meerkat is slow

Postby XxOsurfer3xX » Sun Jan 05, 2014 8:57 am

/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/deluge/core in Ubuntu.

For me it worked well, but with a couple settings more.

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