Tips & FAQ to read before posting

General support for problems installing or using Deluge
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Tips & FAQ to read before posting

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Latest Release

Download ( Release Notes, ChangeLog, Revision Log )


The FAQ and Troubleshooting pages should be your first destination to find answers about Deluge

Support Requests

See Bug Reporting for the information we require when asking for help.

We deal with many posts so please submit your support request effectively and succinctly.

Forum Etiquette

Please follow these basic guidelines for posting on the forums:
  • Descriptive Topic Subjects are helpful.
  • Quote only small relevant sections of posts.
  • Choose the appropriate forum to post in.
  • Create a new topic rather than take over an existing topic.
  • Consider carefully resurrecting very old posts.
  • Use Code [code][/code] tags for logs or long text outputs.