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Re: No incoming connections problem

Postby ben2talk » Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:50 am

andar wrote:
emiliorodo wrote:Hello, I'm having a strange problem.I get the "No incoming connections" message on the bottom of the screen.However, the torrents seem to download, although they seem suspiciously slow.When I tried the "Test Active Port" in "Preferences" , I get a yellow exclamation mark.Has this happened to anyone else?

You need to forward your active listen port in your router.

After several days of headaches, I found the best way to solve this problem is to shutdown computer and router, make coffee, come back and boot up. 2 out of 4 attempts sees my connection status repaired.

However, I'm finding that qBittorrent is showing more consistent results so I'm running that as my default now :( I'll keep Deluge and see how it progresses, but progress is the keyword here.

There seem to be no issues with running both softwares simultaneously (unless bandwidth gets eaten up - currently I'm using 3 to 4MB of my 7MB connection) so I'll keep at it.

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