deluge-console output changed in v2

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deluge-console output changed in v2

Post by basher »

Recently updated deluge from 1.3 to 2.0.5 and noticed deluge-console output format has changed.
Most importantly, the size units.

They used to be reported as KiB, GiB (eg gibibytes & kibibytes), but now they're listed as K, G and so on.

1. why was this change introduced?
2. are the units still the same as they used to be under 1.3, ie kibibytes instead of kilobytes?
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Re: deluge-console output changed in v2

Post by mhertz »

1. Don't know sorry, but guessing because takes up more space(already does calculations upon how long line will be).

2. Yes, just 'shortform=true' defined in the fsize function call - still "1024" divides.
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