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Deluge Issues with 3000 Torrents or more?

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2022 12:33 am
by SilverBolt
I have a query, I was hoping if someone could help me understand a struggle I am having with 1.3.15 and sadly no I cannot upgrade it due to 'Restrictions'. Is there anyway of having Deluge handle over 3000 torrents or more? I have done research and no one seems to have an answer that I am looking for myself, I am using a webui and it seems to struggle with over 3000 or more torrents. If anyone has a way of getting it not to slow down or cause issues as I get time outs and other fun things like that when it is over it.

Re: Deluge Issues with 3000 Torrents or more?

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:07 pm
by ambipro
That seems like the high end of normal usage, does it only struggle with the webui or does the client struggle as well? Do you use the client on the box? Might try running it in console or as a daemon rather than full client mode or if it's available on mac run the daemon and utilize thin client mode and connect to the server with deluge's client. It may run better that way.

Any website with a table containing 3000 rows is probably going to lag pretty significantly, I don't know what your server or the computer you're using's specs are, but I could see loading that being a bit heavy on the CPU.