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Anything new on the M1 front?

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2022 1:06 am
by scappata
I've perused the forum best I can. The recent posts on the ETA on 2.0.3 thread are beyond my comprehension/use.

So I am wondering if there is anything new re: M1s and Deluge? Especially as regards upwards of 1300 torrents.


Re: Anything new on the M1 front?

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2022 1:53 am
by darksavior
You can compile 2.0.5 for M1 with Brew.
It is a binary so you'll have to execute it from the terminal each time.

If you don't want to do that, then you can right click on an existing (I was using 2.0.4 if it matters), choose Show Package Contents, head to /Contents/MacOS/, and overwrite the files that are in there. I'm not sure if there's an alternative to packing a binary into an .app but this method worked for me.