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Re: Raspberry Pi slow Deluge speeds

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:59 am
by shamael
There are some optimisation and considerations with an RPI due to limited architecture and ethernet/USB sharing the same bus. But anyway on my RPI3 I limited the D/L to 7MB/s (so 64Mbps) to not hurt other services too much (Kodi/Samba/etc) and it works. So yes I'm able to watch a Kodi movie during the download for example if the question raised.

-What is the RPI version? Anything below the 3 (my current, the 3+ is out) was too slow for me
-Attached USB disk: I tried NTFS format, huge overhead for each write. EXT4 is way to no kill the CPU only for HDD writes
-free memory on the RPI? Consider the available memory on the device when configuring the Deluge's cache