2.1.1 Native .app

Support for Deluge on Apple Mac OS
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2.1.1 Native .app

Post by ScottC »

Are we ever going to get a working MacOS .app?

I have been using @Lord-Kamina's version and it works but is outdated.

If there are no plans to ever get an Official MacOS .app please just let us know so we can evaluate if it is time to look for something else.
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Re: 2.1.1 Native .app

Post by mhertz »

Valid question and I apologize don't have the answer myself, sorry.

From what I know then last strides on this was doadin doing some nice job with adding packaging through pyinstaller for mac, which despite he not being a mac guy I believe, got a working freezed build, with very minor issues(deluge-gtk instead of deluge etc), but the app produced would still fail.

I don't know if doadin is up for working more on this, seeing he already did awesome job with it, from scratch, like with the windows pyinstaller stuff, but maybe could ping Lord-Kamina and see if he was interested in looking into such maybe, from doadin's work. Well that, or update his own awesome job in his variation of the procedure, from his older PR here, but dunno just thinking out loud.

I've never used a mac in my life, and so it would be to big of task for myself to look into honestly, but just thinking out loud.

Sorry no actual help to offer.

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