Building v2.0.3 on MacOSX with Homebrew

Support for Deluge on Apple Mac OS
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Building v2.0.3 on MacOSX with Homebrew

Postby amar1729 » Sat Mar 20, 2021 7:34 pm

Saw another post where a user built Deluge under MacPorts ( so I figured I'd make a Homebrew tap for it.

Link here:

This formula is called deluge-meta since I originally meant it to be a meta-package provided deluge's dependencies, as specified by the 2.0.3 docs ( However, it turned into a full install of deluge and deluge-gtk.

This formula does NOT build a .app - instead, you can start deluge by calling deluge-gtk from the command line. This works for me on Mojave, but should work on Catalina as well.

Feel free to look over the formula before installing if you don't trust it (or fork it yourself and install it) - it's fairly straightforward.

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