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Recover list after Windows reinstalled

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2022 2:37 pm
by dayveed
Hello to everyone.

Unfortunately my OS had a problem and it wasn't able to start anymore. I was forced to reinstall it.
Like previously, Windows is on disk C:, while programs are on disk D:.
Deluge is still in place and starts correctly, but it has an empty list (downloaded, downloading, paused torrents, etc).
How can I recover the list that was there before? Every file is still on the disk, nothing has been deleted from my disk.
I hope I can find a solution, I had a looong list of files paused (never started) and I'm not able to rember all of them :)

Thank you all in advance!


Re: Recover list after Windows reinstalled

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:17 pm
by ambipro
When you say "every file is still on the disk" do you mean the data the torrent files downloaded, or are you referring to the actual .torrent file's and .state file that deluge makes that keeps track of the torrents once it is added in deluge?

You can find those files and your deluge "profile" (if they exist) in the %APPDATA%\Deluge\state folder...otherwise if you just have the downloaded data from the torrent files, you'll have to go hunting for them from your respective tracker, readd them to deluge and point them to the right folder and have it recheck (or you could skip rechecking I suppose) to start seeding them again.

I periodically copy the entire "deluge" directory from %APPDATA% to my backup location for this exact reason, having 1000s of torrents vanish while the data exists means if I wanted to start seeding them again it would be an almost insurmountable task. Not sure I would even attempt it.

Some trackers allow you to download your entire snatch history (.torrent files for every download you've done) so maybe check into that, but otherwise you may have quite the task ahead of you.