Recheck on startup - hours of wasted time.

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Recheck on startup - hours of wasted time.

Postby bengalih » Sat Feb 06, 2021 5:40 pm

I have two Deluge server instances setup on my Windows server. One is for seeding to private trackers and one is for seeding to public.
I have some very large torrents on my private trackers (~500 GB) and to check these torrents takes maybe 20-30 minutes each.

Every time my server shuts down these need to be rechecked, which is a manual process (since the torrents start in "error" state) and takes at least an hour each time.

I found this thread here:

But I'm not taking anything new away from it. I believe my deluged-consol.exe nssm service is setup properly. On a Windows shutdown command each service should be receiving a shutdown command from the system and should then nssm should issue a CTRL-C to the console (the only command that I was able to get it to terminate).

I have a 60 second timeout set which is 40x greater than the default (1500 ms). I have no way to know what an acceptable shutdown period should be, but over a minute seems excessive for deluge to do whatever it needs to to ensure that a seed is properly shut down.

Can I have some input as to why this is happening, or what an acceptable shut down time frame should be (and why it needs to be so long)?
I've attached my NSSM screens for review.

deluge-nssm.png (140.4 KiB) Viewed 298 times

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Re: Recheck on startup - hours of wasted time.

Postby TheShanMan » Sat Feb 06, 2021 6:13 pm

Probably unhelpful for your situation but... On the 2nd to last screenshot, I have all of them checked and all set to 1500. I probably have an older version of nssm though because I don't have the "kill process tree" option. I also use a user account rather than the system account, although I don't imagine that would make any difference.

I haven't been having this same issue but what I run into on occasion is deluge starting up when the files are inaccessible, usually because I've temporarily pulled the drive and forgot to set deluge to not start automatically. Then I have to wait quite a few hours for deluge to recheck them when there is no real reason to doubt the integrity of the files. I wish deluge had more tolerance/durability around this. If nothing else, it would be nice if deluge had an option to restart the torrents without forcing a recheck beyond just basic checks like is the file there. It could always warn the user that the files might have problems and recommend a recheck while allowing the user to still avoid rechecking.

Personally, I don't know why outright killing the deluge task should be a problem for any torrents that are 100% complete. I get that incomplete torrents might need rechecking if deluge doesn't shut down correctly, but why would a "bad" shutdown mean a 100% complete torrent could have a problem that requires rechecking?

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