Unofficial Deluge 2.0.x for Windows installer

Specific support for Deluge on Microsoft Windows OS
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Re: Unofficial Deluge 2.0.x for Windows installer

Postby mhertz » Fri Apr 23, 2021 4:18 pm

Sorry, just quickly wanted to add that if having same issue as Ognisty321, then he used default deluge theme, and he reported after changing to other theme, mantis-dark theme here, he didn't experience it for last 12 hours, so for affected seems a viable work-around(to use other than default theme, which also btw was removed from gtk4 as was neglected and not much used or developed on) (Edit: It's default in these installers but not gtk3 default theme btw, and in gtk3 just named win32 theme - default in gtk3 is adwaita, which isn't neglected or removed from gtk4).

(Edit: Sadly reported still crashing by Ognisty321 regardless :( I personally cannot reproduce myself, testing 7 hours deluge-run in server 2019 exact version/build VM as Ognisty321, so hope it's not a common issue, and isn't of my doing as said - if affected, then use thinclient and if GUI crash, then daemon still runs presumably so download/upload isn't stopped and can restart GUI when needed again - Also imho it's wasting resources having the GUI running all the time, as maybe doubles cpu/ram load, but to each his own of-course.)

Btw, for people using my "win7" build above, then as was meant for win7 then I didn't include my fixes for win10-like controls on titlebar, so if wanting those back, then I long time ago made a win10 version of dev51 as referenced in the post i linked to previously for the fixes for petersasi's last version, or just use petersasi's version with whatever fixes you need from that post.

Edit: Regarding above, as I guess the libtorrent and gtk3 is little newer in "win7" release, then if still wanna use that, but with win10 titlebar-buttons for default theme or mantis-dark theme, as in my win10 release, then can download and extract this zip and if you used mantis-dark theme then delete in your deluge install-location 'data\share\themes\Mantis' and move the extracted Mantis folder into there instead. If using default theme, then move the extracted win32x folder into 'data\share\themes\' and then also additionally need change the file 'data\etc\gtk-3.0\settings.ini' so it states on second line: gtk-theme-name=win32x instead of just win32, and save it.

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