Best practices (bandwidth settings)

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Best practices (bandwidth settings)

Postby andwan0 » Tue May 12, 2020 8:28 pm

Everything says "please keep seeding", "need more seeders", etc. So I never remove a torrent entry after I added it. Now I have like 1000+ entries.
What are best practices on managing 1000+ entries? How would I know if a torrent is completely dead? (ie. all trackers not responding? or maybe because there's too many connection queries?) Upon Deluge startup, when there's 1000 resuming/seeding torrents... does the app smartly process a sizeable batch at a time?

Code: Select all

Default Bandwidth settings page

Global Bandwidth Usage:
Maximum Connections: 200
Maximum Upload Slots: 4
Maximum Download Speed: -1
Maximum Upload Speed: -1
Maximum Half-Open Connections: 8
Maximum Connection Attempts per Second: 20
(ON) Ignore limits on local network
(ON) Rate limit IP overhead

Per Torrent Bandwidth Usage:
Maximum Connections: -1
Maximum Upload Slots: -1
Maximum Download Speed: -1
Maximum Upload Speed: -1

Code: Select all

Default Queue settings page

Total active: 8
Total active downloading: 3
Total active seeding: 5
Share Ratio Limit: 2
Seed Time Ratio: 7
Seed Time: 180

Am tempted to set everything unlimited, but I guess that'll break my system...

Also, what does Auto Managed option do?

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Re: Best practices (bandwidth settings)

Postby shamael » Mon May 18, 2020 9:56 am


Well big question. The answer depends of many factors like the your line capacity, your router (ISP or your own), etc. Taking my example I can kill my line if I set too many connections per torrent. That said have you already checked the plugin LTconfig? There are a lot of thing you can use there. I posted some tips for it but it's only for people with the same HW of course,not relevant in each case.

Let's wrap up with some general things with a seeding performance ratio in mind:
Maximum Upload Slots -1 #with the total connection set and a per torrent limit if will help for a demanding torrent
Maximum Download Speed #I limit this up to no impacting the upload speed of my connection (routeur limit, etc, best is to test)

Per Torrent Bandwidth Usage #limit the max upload slot/connection. Regarding my usage I better BW per connected user helps my ratio

Total active: 8 # I set this number above my total torrents to bypass the queue and seed all my torrents
Total active downloading: 3 # I limit to 1 to give priority to upload, again depending your HW
Total active seeding: 5 #unlimited, limited by other parameters above
Share Ratio Limit: 2 # none, better for your ratio if it matters
Seed Time Ratio: 7 # none, better for your ratio if it matters. Old torrent with ratio >20 participates to your ration too
Seed Time: 180 # none, better for your ratio if it matters

The auto-managed mainly enrols torrents in the queue. Example with total active download set to 1 but you want to launch it anyway: remove the auto-managed and it will disregards the queue rules

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