Instruction on how to stop seeding

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Re: Instruction on how to stop seeding

Postby Skoez » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:07 pm

mhertz wrote:Hmm, yeah I read you cannot disable upload in utorrent normally, but could indirectly(but writer confuses seeding with uploading in general, as is often the case), like you posted above, though for utorrent, not deluge. I did read a pretty old post on there board where one asked for such and was answered that the settings didn't allow for such behaviour, and e.g. the restricting upload speed have 0 as unlimited etc. Your example is doing this for seeding, but that is different for uploading in general, i.e. you can upload without seeding, and seeding only comes into effect after download finished and not during.

Possible there is deluge options also stopping this, or libtorrent options, and I honestly don't wanna waste time looking this up more thoroughly, but a very quick lookup showed a one year old post on libtorrent bug-tracker on github where one stated he couldn't find settings to do that in the documentation(and he was interessted because some countries allow only downloading legally but not uploading, like I believe e.g. for Amsterdam/netherlands, if I remember right from article I once read describing the torrenting laws of different countries), and lead-dev Arvid then stated:
the first that come to mind would be to write a plugin that swallows all incoming REQUEST messages, an d also prevent HAVE messages and BITFIELD messages from being sent.


Again, this is, atleast for me and my involvement in this thread, strictly a technical/theoretical discussion, and in no way a recommendation/suggestion/instructions or alike ;)

I'm all for people stopping their seeding and uploading. No reason they should if they don't want to.

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