Any way to filter torrent view using state & tracker at the same time?

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Any way to filter torrent view using state & tracker at the same time?

Postby Lozu » Tue Nov 12, 2019 12:43 am

Hey there folks,

I've been using Deluge on my seedbox for a while now, exclusively through the WebUI.

Recently I decided to go ahead and try out the GTK client due to my WebUI being frequently unresponsive when adding new torrents around the #600 mark. While the thin client didn't seem to fix that particular issue (assuming that problem is more related to my seedbox hardware limitations), I do like the theme that I've installed, and the more robust CTRL-F search functionality.

The only real grievance I have right now with the thin client is the seeming inability to use multiple filters for the torrent view. In the WebUI there is an option Preferences > Interface > ☑ Allow the use of multiple filters at once but I can't seem to find any similar feature on the Windows client at all. Is this feature exclusive to the WebUI, or am I just missing something?

I didn't realize how often I use this functionality until I switched heh. If it's not available, I guess I'll just switch back to the WebUI, or use 'em both on a case by case basis. I also use the label plugin, so sometimes I use 3 filters at the same time, but I could probably get by with just 2 if there is a solution or workaround.

Any answer would be much appreciated!

Running Deluge 1.3.15 on both the Seedbox & Desktop.
Seedbox is running on Gentoo, Desktop is Windows 10

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