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*OLD-THREAD - SEE NEW* [Unofficial] Deluge 2.0.x installer

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:50 pm
by mhertz
Please go here for new maintainership curtesy of petersasi

Note: I myself stopped with this project here, but petersasi stepped up and is now in charge of releasing unofficial deluge 2.0.x installer builds here, and so link now points to his releases and not mine anymore. You can thank him and/or post questions to him in this thread going foreward. Lastly, '' on the download site is kept up-to-date with latest changes so no need to read through the whole big thread to catch up

I've made an unofficial Deluge 2.0.x installer for Windows, and an additional one built from latest git-develop. x64-only and tested working on Win7, Win10 and Win2016.

I added extra checkboxes to components-page, for selecting between latest libtorrent 1.2.x, latest libtorrent 1.1.x, portable install mode, win32 theme, Mantis-dark theme, adwaita theme, adwaita-dark theme, and GTK_CSD=0(for native windows title-bars despite possible performance degradation). Also, for libtorrent 1.2.3, as fallback, if having issues with latest 1.2.x(1.2.3+ introduced some new bigger changes) and not wanting latest 1.1.x.

Note, after changing to python 3.8.x recently, then upgrades of this installer from older versions(of this installer) will probably need 3'rd party plugins you have installed already, to be renamed to have 3.8 in name instead of 3.7, and the same when installing new plugins and not having any 3.8 versions available, as some don't, but renaming usually works. If plugin not having any py-version listed in name, then not an issue usually. If renaming doesn't help, then see if there is any py38 version available from plugin author.

The portable-install, makes/reads the 'deluge' profile-folder from under it's install-dir's 'data' subfolder, so you can e.g copy your old deluge profile-folder(%appdata%\deluge) into there, for retaining setting, plugins and torrents, or else a new clean profile generated there upon first run(which can be deleted and replaced later if wanted).

Upgrading over another version of this installer is supported, without needing uninstalling previous version first, though uninstall deluge1 first if having that installed.

Always firstly backup your deluge profile folder(%appdata%\deluge) just in case, as with anything important IT related, so you can revert back to deluge1 if issues should occure, and getting your exact old setup back, so there's no risk involved in trying this out.

Finally, this unofficial installer isn't done in ordinary professional fashion, as that still proves problematic and hence why no official installer provided yet, and so for that reason I don't condone or recommend this installer be made "more official" or even recommended more, and fits perfectly in a community forum section like here. However the difference at this point is for the most part purely theoretical/technical, and no functional differrence(except bigger size, which could though be reduced further) and has always been ment as simply something to try if wanted, in mean time, that's all, and never anything more. If wanting to try deluge2 for windows, then it's recommended to build from source yourself, which you can check official docs for instructions, and additionally doadin has made batch-files to build deluge2 and all its deps from source here: ... Yl7XuWYpVT

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:39 pm
Hi mhertz!

I've tried to install deluge 2.0 several times over the last few months on Win10, but I've always had an issue somewhere along the way and have been stuck with the buggy old version for ages.

I just came across your installer and boom, worked first time. Everything is perfect!

I just created this account (and got past the most fucking retarded captcha I've ever seen) to tell you thanks for taking the time to make this :>

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:55 pm
by mhertz
Thanks for your post, I appreciate that mate, and many thanks to Cas and Co for creating such nice software for us all :) Lol at that captcha, but there once was a big spamming issue around here which that helped much with. Thanks again, and I really apreciate you taking the time to register and post that, so thank you for that! Take care. :) -Martin.

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 5:12 pm
by mhertz
I uploaded another version of the installer which doesn't need to touch your PATH system-env-variable and instead just uses the startmenu shortcut(and copying some vcredist files to otherplace) to get deluge running without that, but if you already have installed the previous installer then no need to install this as you will not notice any difference whatsoever and just is an internal difference(I didn't like needing to touch system variables), and this is more meant for new users just stumbling on this possibly.

If still wanting to install this while having the old version installed, then remember you need to uninstall the old version first from windows add/remove programs dialog.

Also remember for win7 you need rightclick and select run as admin, whereas this isn't needed on win10, but doesn't hurt either of course.


(If link dies later on, then give me a shout.)

Edit: I uploaded also an alternative version which sets GTK_CSD=0 to get little better win10 look at decorations, thanks obraca for the tip. This version will make a little blink with a cmd-prompt showing and disappearing shortly before deluge starts when starting deluge from the start-menu shortcut, because I use env.exe from win32 coreutils to temporary set that variable(GTK_CSD=0) for the session, so not needing mess directly with your environment-variables. Imho the difference is neglible and I wouldn't really bother, but just in case, here it is:

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 7:07 pm
by Felimenta97
Hi! Thanks, that worked (almost) perfectly. It took a while between allowing it to run (because of WIndows SmartScreen) and giving it admin access, but installed flawlessly.

I just have two questions/problems: a) Plugins aren't installing/appearing (Pieces and Auto Remove Plus), but that seems like a general problem with 2.0 for Windows, if I got it right), and b) None of my 1.3.5 downloads were transferred to 2.0. Is there a easy way to do it? Or will I need to do it by hand?

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:10 pm
by mhertz
Hmm, I have just retested in a Win10-VM, where I uninstalled the new Deluge2 and deleted the profile folder to start fresh, and then installed Deluge v1.3.15 and added a torrent to it, download and let it seed a little, and then stop deluge and uninstall it and instead install Deluge2 and when starting Deluge2, then the torrent from before was seeding fine again without me having to do anything. This makes sence because both Deluge versions simply looks into your profile folder and loads stored torrent-data from there i.e. '%appdata%\Roaming\deluge'. I'm sorry it didn't work for you, and must confess I have no idea why it wouldn't?

Yeah, unfortunetly plugins needs to be specifically updated to support Deluge2 because of big backend changes inbetween versions, and not many plugins currently support Deluge2 yet i'm affraid, and which i'm guessing is main factor for many to keep on the older deluge v1.3.15.

Anyway, I tested with downloading the latest pieces plugin and placing it into the plugin-dir of deluge and also renaming it to have '3.6' in it's filename for python-version, as that is often needed, and the plugin was showing in the list of available plugins in deluge's preferences-menu, but just couldn't be enabled in it's checkbox unfortunetly.

The other plugin 'autoremoveplus', had a pull-request posted to support Deluge2 and I tested it by downloading and renaming it again to match python '3.6' instead of '3.7', and it vas now selectable in it's checkbox from deluge's preferences-menu, but there came no new section for the plugin up, like there does when enabling other plugins, so I don't think it's working, but maybe it will still work with your old config, I dunno(the plugin fails getting applied the log states unfortunetly), I never used that plugin myself. Anyway, the plugin-folder to store plugins in, is: '%programfiles%\Deluge2\Lib\site-packages\deluge\plugins'(Sorry, that is for the built-in default plugins, and would still be fine placing new ones here, but the more proper place for third-party-plugins is in your profile-dir's plugins folder under: '%appdata%\Roaming\deluge\plugins'). Here is the modified 'autoremoveplus' if you wanna test yourself but didn't work for me -
unpack, rename and place in plugins dir: ...

Sorry I couldn't be of any more help unfortunetly.

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 10:18 pm
by mhertz
I just noticed while testing something, that thinclient-mode doesn't work with neither my 7z-sfx-installer or with Cas's manual install-instructions(which my installer is based from). The connection-manager doesn't come up and selecting the icon of it to raise it, does nothing, and also you cannot close deluge and need kill deluge.exe or python from task-manager or terminal.

To try find out what's going on and hopefully be able to fix it, or atleast report it, then I enabled debug-logging for deluge.exe and funny enough this was enough to workaround the issue strangely :) (I retested this many times, with and without debug-logging enabled, so as to make sure it wasen't just simply a fluke of sorts, but it consistently was the culprit. Also tested manual install instructions in addition to my installer and with same result)

I'm gonna update my 7z-sfx-installer later, probably tomorror, and edit first post with new link and message at bottom so you know when the link has been updated.

Anyway, there is no reason to uninstall the old installer, download the new one and install that, for such a small quick fix/workaround, so instead just simply rightclick the Deluge2 startmenu-icon and select 'More' and 'Open file location' and then in the folder that opens in explorer.exe, you just rightclick Deluge2.lnk shortcut and select 'Properties' and then press right-arrow once and thereafter 'space' once and then enter in or copy/paste:

Code: Select all

-L debug -l %userprofile%\deluge.log

Sorry for first noticing this now, I should've tested it better - I only used it very briefly for quick testing as doesn't use Windows myself.

I'll also update the packaging bug-ticket with a notice about this, so as to let Cas know too.

Sorry again.

Edit: Updated link in first post now.

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 2:23 am
by pkgfi
I've encountered this issue before, I think it's a problem with the modal windows in deluge, sometimes they disappear behind the main application, leaving it disabled. It happened very often when deluge was running on my left, non-primary monitor.

It can happen with any modal window, but the Connection Manager and the Edit Host windows are affected the most, in my experience anyway.

Not sure if debug logging is really a workaround, please try breaking it again. If you have multiple monitors, leave deluge on the non-primary ones and try to add new connections, and reset the profile each time to make sure existing connections don't interfere with testing.

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:42 pm
by mhertz
I hear you, as it sounds like a coinsidense, but before writing that, then I had tested it 10 times roughly, with single monitor setup - Win10 qemu(kvm) VM, and no connections ever made, completely clean and no deluged.exe running either. It consistently works like that. I then tried again an extra 5 times to try all the other logging alert-types than debug because no reason to log so much all the time(e.g I hoped 'none' or 'error' also would work, or atleast 'warning' or 'info'), but only debug "fixed" it.

I have updated the installer in first page now, and when issue is fixed, I will rebuild it and remove debug-logging. Also, I added to the installer a deluge icon, some progress-text and a window afterwards stating the install is finished and the icon is in the startmenu, to avoid any possible confusion. I didn't add an initial window stating to press okay to install, because you already double clicked the installer and selected okay to UAC prompt, and I prefer as little interaction as possible e.g all my personal installers/shell-scripts have always been completely unattended(I have e.g made a shell-script that formats hdd, installs OS and it's updates, drivers, all apps and settings fully unattended, first with Windows and now, since 10 years about, with Linux).

I only updated the "regular" installer, and didn't bother with the gtk_csd setting installer, as it blinks shortly a cmd window when starting deluge, which I could fix if wanted I think, but honestly I don't think it's important(setting gtk_csd env-var) and you can just add the environment variable yourself if wanting that small effect. The original installer which modified Path I've stopped making all together.

Thanks for your suggestions pkgfi :)

Re: Deluge 2.0 Windows 7z-sfx-installer available.

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:34 pm
by mhertz
Just wanted to say thanks again to pkgfi, as his suggestions and post made me troubleshoot the issue again some more and finding some clues related.

I checked that there where no windows hiding behind deluge, but after having moved the window around some, for that checking, then when pressing connection-manager icon again, then lo and behold, the connection-manager emerged! Next test it was enough for me to just select maximize and then afterwards selecting connection-manager worked. Next test that wasen't enough and I had to maximize and minimize 3 times for it to work.

Again, this all is unneded with debug-logging enabled.

Anyway, I will play some more with it, and post again if finding something relevant.

Thanks again pkgfi for modal-window hinting, because I originally also found that even though there where no window hiding behind deluge, or when resting the mouse over the deluge icon in process-bar, then when rightclicking deluge icon there, and selecting the single entry named python, then there came a message forward stating there missing a vcruntime file. I then added the runtime file to correct place(I had it in other place) and said error went away, but still worked same way as described above without any change. I see now that I had by mistake missed that file when making the installer and will remake it shortly with it, but as stated, it didn't seem to be the issue.

I wen't back to a clean install from my previous batchfile of Cas's install instructions, where said dll was in place and still the issue, as stated before, where prevailant, but it could as before be fixed by maximizing and minimizing the window and then selecting connection-manager. I never had a connection enabled, so the connection-manager should come all by itself at startup, but better than nothing I guess.

Again, i'll play with it some more and write back if finding something. Also, if others have any hints for this, then much appreciated. I'll update first post with link and message regardless.

Hmm, scratch that, I don't see how I can possibly fix this or workaround it, so i'll remake the installer without debug logging and adding correct dll file and mentioning that if connection manager doesn't come foreward, then play with window size and try again.

Edit: Now updated link in first post without debug-logging and added vcredist file correct place - again, mess around with the window if having thinclient-issues like I have in my qemu(kvm) VM, or add debug-logging yourself as workaround to the startmenu-icon. Not important, but I set the last window in installer stating "install finished" to auto-close itself after 20 secs if not yourself pressed OK before that.