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Download "Best Available" Torrent

Postby PJWhoopie » Fri May 10, 2019 9:41 am

First... I'll admit upfront that I am a Torrent neophyte. I read through the FAQ, and am trying my best, but here is my question.

So, I am a victim of "oh, that looks neat, I'll just add it to Delgue", and now have about 80 give or take torrents that I'd like to download.

Currently, my Queue is set for a Total Active Downloading of 5.

For the sake of argument
T1 is at 66% with 3.713 Available 3S/1P at 350 KB/s
T2 is at 75% with 1.79 Available 1S/P at 123 KB/s
T3 is at 37% with .38 Availalbe 0S/1P at 0.3 KB/s
T4 is at 82% with .82 Available 0S/1P at 0
T5 is at 15.19% with .416 Available 0S/1P at 9.2 KB/s

I can't help to wonder, if Torrent 62 in my queue could have 5 Seeders and 4 Peers with 6.88 available, but I am not in the swarm, because my queue is waiting on the 2 or 3 Slugs in the top of my line up.

Is there a way, or a setting that I don't understand, that scans what I want, and matches to what is available, and still gets the most bang for the download buck?

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