Deluge unable to load Hangul font on Windows

Specific support for Deluge on Microsoft Windows OS
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Deluge unable to load Hangul font on Windows

Postby ssclanker » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:02 am

Not much depth to the issue really. I have deluge set up as a service on an Ubuntu machine and for some reason the Hangul font loads fine on the Ubuntu machine itself once I log into a GUI and use the "deluge-gtk" application, however, when I am on a Windows 10 machine that is connected to the Ubuntu box to manage the torrents, the Hangul font doesn't seem to load. It just shows a square box with 4 zeros in it.

The ubuntu machine was installed with the xfce desktop environment so it has a decent amount of bloat on it already considering all I plan to use it for is as a torrentbox. If I start up xfce in the Ubuntu machine, and open deluge, I am able to see the Hangul font being loaded correctly, however, if I use the Deluge application on a Windows pc that is connecting to the Ubuntu box, it doesn't work anymore. Really weird how Ubuntu actually seems to work better than Windows for once lol

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