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Re: Magnet links refuse to associate

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:10 pm
by mhertz
Selphea wrote:Seems to be a Windows 10 update changing how URL associations are handled. Chrome Privacy settings and Content Handlers led me on a wild goose chase till I figured out Chrome lets Windows associations handle this now.

On Windows 10 itself, Deluge's "Associate Magnet links with Deluge" button handles most of the work. However, Win10 Fall Creator's seems to have a new requirement now, a URL protocol needs to have a key called "URL Protocol":

1. Open Regedit
3. Create a new String called "URL Protocol". Doesn't need to be a value, just needs to be there.

The result should look like this:


Only figured this out through a random guess while looking at other URL Protocol Handlers that work, but it works for me.

Thanks! :) I just checked, and deluge1 doesn't do anything with the GTKUI magnet assoc button if detecting windows, though deluge2 does and also adds said string you posted about. Also, the NSIS install script for building deluge's windows installer, already adds that string too, also in deluge1:

Code: Select all

# Create magnet uri association.
Section "Associate Magnet URI links with Deluge" Section3
    DeleteRegKey HKCR "Magnet"
    WriteRegStr HKCR "Magnet" "" "URL:Magnet Protocol"
    WriteRegStr HKCR "Magnet" "URL Protocol" ""
    WriteRegStr HKCR "Magnet\shell\open\command" "" '"$INSTDIR\deluge.exe" "%1"'

Re: Magnet links refuse to associate [necro'd with fix.]

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:01 am
by pwhodges
The very easiest way to add torrent links is this extension to Chrome (I use it in Opera): ... fdghcmenci

Just click on any magnet or torrent file link and it is added immediately to the configured program. I'm using it with Deluge 2 on Windows.


Re: Magnet links refuse to associate [necro'd with fix.]

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 8:41 am
by mhertz
Just wanted to add that I read something I never knew, by stumbling on it, about magnet assocs, so just in case if having issues, then check last post of this thread, by SMF: ... links.html

In short, it's a note about another regkey(somewhere under HKCU/Software/Clients) that can "highjack" magnet assoc's, in addition to magnet key of HKCR and/or HKCU/software/classes, e.g some browsers can set, and don't cleanup after uninstall.

BTW, the magnet assoc button in deluge2(manual source install) GTKUI code, looks like don't set anything if already having HKCR/magnet set, so if having that, e.g pointed to something uninstalled, then delete HKCR/magnet, press button in GTKUI and possibly restart computer, or atleast restart browser. The button in deluge1 don't do anything on windows I believe, except the one in installer, which does.

Edit: As I said in previous post in this thread, both deluge1 installer and deluge2(manual source install) GTKUI magnet assoc button, does set "URL Protocol" entry, mentioned previously by Selphea as being needed in later win10 updates.